Unlock 3 & FREE promotion on select SonicWall NSa firewalls

April 07, 2023


Unlock 3 & FREE promotion on select SonicWall NSa firewalls

With the purchase of 3 years of EPSS and a HA firewall, the Primary Firewall is FREE!

    Your customers have been waiting for a reason to upgrade or replace their current SonicWall or competitive firewall deployment, and you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to help them maximize their savings.

    It’s a value-added discount on next-generation firewalls and an easy-to-deliver message to your customers.

    Unlock the 3 & FREE promotion when you bundle a High Availability Unit (HA) with 3 years of Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS), then receive the primary next-generation NSa firewall appliance for free!

    SonicWall is a recognized leader in security efficacy with our award-winning Essential Protection Service Suite. SonicWall does not charge to license security services on your HA unit which reinforces what you already know -- SonicWall’s TCO and security efficacy are second to none.

    How to unlock the NSa 3 & FREE:

    • Purchase of a HA firewall unit;
    • Bundle with the purchase of 3 years EPSS;
    • Get a FREE primary firewall.

    The ‘Unlock 3 & Free NSa Promotion’ is valid from April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023 or while supplies last on select NSa models. Customers must have an eligible SonicWall product aligned with the Secure Upgrade Matrix or Competitive Replacement in order to register the promotional offer. 

    Contact your local ASBIS manager to make order.


    Unlock 3 & FREE NSa Promotion

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